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Let us Help with a Free Email Marketing Campaign for Weatherwell Elite Aluminum Shutters.

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That's right; we will develop, send and track a full email marketing campaign at no cost to you! Let us help you land more jobs, and maybe double your sales goal for the year.


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Weatherwell Elite projects average $5,600 which means more profit per consult!

-  The leads will go directly to your email or phone

-  Mike, our dedicated Budget Blinds "Bat Phone" is available 24/7 to guide you each step of the way from sales to installation.

Email: mike@two-usa.com / Phone:1-469-766-8221

How it works:

TWO will develop a custom drip email campaign, designed to educate, entice and drive requests for consultation. (Drip campaigns are designed to continually nudge consumers with different snip-its of information, creating top of mind awareness until they have reached the point of purchase.)

-  Individual Franchise Branding

-  Custom messaging from you to your customers

-  Conversion tracking, and sales and installation support


What do these emails look like?

TWO has created an eight-piece drip campaign with customization to give your customers the authentic Budget Blinds Experience.

1.   Introducing Weatherwell Elite Outdoor Aluminum Shutters

2.   Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

3.   Protection from Mother Nature, Year-Round

4.   The Outdoor Host with the Most

5.   Outdoor Security for Your Patio and More

6.   Bring the Family Together Outside

7.   <Season> Ready

8.   Home Improvement

9.   A Private Oasis for your Backyard


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