A Pergotenda is the customizable outdoor structure patented by Corradi that combines modern materials, cutting-edge technology and novel design. Corradi’s range of products is made-to-measure and enables you to expand your living area outside. The Pergotenda 100 is a self-standing structure that combines the warmth of wood with superior structural design. Made from Scandinavian pine and treated with a special external coating ensures the wood remains strong for up to 10 years. The Eclissi fabric used for the canvas roof has a film with internal shading to shield UV rays and reduce heat.


  • Freestanding so you can utilize the PT100 wherever you choose
  • Patented slider wheels on the retractable roof that can ride over debris caught in the tracks while maintaining smooth motion
  • A clever roof motor, programmed to control tension, eliminates the canvas sag seen over time in other retractable roofs
  • The roof canvas incorporates special channels to direct water run-off into the guttering system, rather than pouring off the sides
  • The PT100 offers the largest spans in the Pergotenda range
  • Self-extinguishing and water-resistant canvas




Create elegant security for the outdoor sanctuary with a key-operated, double shute bolt and secure blades.