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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Bahama shutters were popularized in the Bahamas and the Caribbean and were designed in a way to secure homes quickly when a hurricane or storm was approaching.  Bahama shutters cover the entire window and can be opened and closed at will, but not in the conventional style of a traditional plantation shutter.  They only open to about a 65 degree angle and are one panel.

Since their initial design, Bahama shutters have changed very little, only adding a hinge mechanism to increase the airflow and light able to pass through the windows.  They have always pointed to the ground at a very sharp angle, deflecting the rain from coming into a home.  

Recent advances in the design of the Bahama shutter have allowed the slats to be adjusted as needed.  This small change allows owners to adjust for light and airflow, but still allow for them to be closed quickly when they need to protect their homes or workplaces from approaching storms and hurricanes.

Traditionally, the Bahama shutter was made from timber.  It is now available in aluminum with our Weatherwell range adding extra strength and durability to protect against the extremes in weather.  Aluminum Bahama shutters offer the same features as the traditional timber Bahama shutter with a more advanced design and the added advantage of built-in security features.

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