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Saturday, November 08, 2014

At TWO, we are proud to say that our plantation shutter factory is ready for the future, but not all are!  Recognition of the impact of a manufacturer's footprint is increasing globally at a dramatic pace. Sweeping reforms in China are being demanded and enforced to tighten environmental and safety manufacturing standards.

Our commitment has ALWAYS been to best practice approach; employing substantial investment to ensure we are a safe and sustainable leader for our industry, supplying the very best wholesale plantation shutters. Our 'best' is not just limited to the 'best' in product quality, but the 'best' in manufacturing standards and procedures. 

We can confirm that due to the significant and foresighted investment, the new standards required in China are already in place in our manufacturing environment. In comparison, quite simply, many other factories have to bear huge costs in a short time frame which will ultimately flow on to their wholesale plantation shutter customers.

We are proud to say that we are already at world standards for our Chinese manufacturing facility.

Our Chinese manufacturing facility has world class environmental, health and safety standards. We are already Chinese Health & Safety certified, which means there will be no significant price increases for wholesale plantation shutters to meet forced changes.

We are proud to say that there will be no delay to production times

Other factories will undoubtedly experience delays in production while trying meet the changes required by the Chinese government to improve workplace health and safety. TWO's production times for wholesale plantation shutters will not be impacted at all.

We are proud to say we have superior factory worker benefits

100% of our workers are fully covered by workers compensation and retirement funds. Nationwide we have hear that this kind of coverage is seen in less than 60% of other factories. We pay above average wages, and offer longer vacation times and other incentive schemes. Due to our innovative work place we have higher caliber of factory workers with superior skills compared to other factories. This means your wholesale plantation shutters arrive on time and correct. But most importantly this also means that our team is a happy team.

We are proud to say that we have exceptional worker retention

We have a 95% return rate from Chinese New Year. Chinese factories are notorious for their low retention rate with a huge number of workers deciding not to return to the factories after going home to the regional homes in the New Year. The national average is 55%. The consistency of our workforce underpins our product quality and means you can always expect a superior plantation shutter made by an experience craftsman.

We are proud to say that we meet environmental best practice.

We have invested $1.5 million in filtration and other environmental controls. All sanding and spray painting is done using water filtration and any output to the environment is done through industrial filtration. At TWO it is important to us that our world is left a better place for our children.

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