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EXTERIOR PLANATION SHUTTERS: Imagine Having a Private Outdoor Paradise

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Exterior plantation shutters, although a less familiar choice, are the perfect way to give you and your family privacy in all your outdoor spaces. Whether you’re on your own or entertaining guests, privacy is always important.

Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters have many installation options that are tailor-made to suit your lifestyle. They can be fixed in place, hinged, sliding or multi-fold shutters. They are also salt and weather resistant so is suitable in almost all locations.

An added bonus to you is that the moveable blades on the exterior plantation shutters can be set in any position whilst still giving you plenty of airflow. You decide how private or open your outdoor area should be.

Enclose a pergola or patio

Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters professionally installed in to your pergola or patio is the answer to creating your private outdoor retreat. Haven’t you always wanted to entertain or relax without worrying about nosy neighbors or onlookers?

Below is an image of a family’s pergola in Houston, Texas, after exterior plantation shutters were installed. Originally they had the foundation for the perfect outdoor area but they wanted more privacy from their neighbors and shade cover from the afternoon sun. Our professional salesman collaborated with the homeowners to create an original design using our shutters. If your patio or deck is not perfect yet, Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters can do that and much more.

Enclose a balcony on a multi-residential building

The balcony of a multi-residential building is usually open and can make it uncomfortable for you to entertain or relax in. Exterior plantation shutters on the balcony of your residence creates a private retreat so you can enjoy the outdoors in your own way. They are easily installed so you can admire the view or hide yourself from onlookers. Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters can provide privacy from busy roads, adjacent buildings and neighbors.

Enclose a balcony on your own home

Even within your own home you always want privacy. Exterior plantation shutters custom fitted and installed on the balcony of your homes’ master suite makes the perfect in-home sanctuary.

Create an outdoor room

A popular and common use of our shutters is to create a private outdoor room in places that are now just gathering dust and junk. You could use it as an extra play area for your kids (to stop them from making a mess inside the house), a quiet place to unwind and chill after work or maybe you’d prefer to use it as a blissfully secluded and romantic outside bungalow. Either way, you will add value to your home.

We all have to sit in an office all week. What we really want to do, after the workday, is to find yourself in your own private sanctuary at home. Exterior plantation shutters are a sophisticated product that because of their design makes it possible to use your outdoor area as your private retreat year round.

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