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Friday, September 27, 2013

Sunlight is an important consideration in the design of any home. Understanding the sun’s orientation through the day, the way the light hits the house and seasonal changes, all impact on home living.

These impacts include:

  • Lighting and natural light
  • The cost and impact of heating
  • The need for cooling
  • Protecting interiors from direct sunlight

“Sun-blocking screens help you stay cool, play with light and create a stunning modern exterior… since the location is on the exterior, it blocks the heat from the sun's rays before they even hit the glass and enter the interior space, keeping your home cooler. Jen Dalley, Architect

Exterior window shutters are very effective at screening from the sun and are increasingly being incorporated into homes, as people plan home design with the impact of the sun and lighting in mind.

"A passive designed house lets the winter sun in to warm and light your home but blocks out the high summer sun, reducing your need for air conditioning. Passive design involves a number of elements including orientation, internal layout, window type and placement, and the use of heavy construction materials that have the ability to store warmth from the sun." Smarter Homes Smarter Living - How to save money by building a smarter home. 

Exterior window shutters provide the right mix of light and temperature control and have the added benefit of moveable louvers to control airflow. This also provides greater flexibility in providing shade. Incorporating exterior window shutters helps to:

  • Lower home air-conditioning costs
  • Allow for airflow and ventilation
  • Protect exteriors

One of the concerns with exterior screening is that as these structures take the full impact of the sun, there can fading and cracking, which requires maintenance. However, aluminum overcomes this. Weatherwell aluminum exterior window shutters combine strength, flexibility and the inherent ability to weather the impact of the sun. They require no maintenance, making Weatherwell aluminum exterior shutters an increasingly popular choice.

One of the other key benefits of exterior window shutters is security. Exterior window shutters protect windows and entrances, yet retain a streamlined elegant appearance. Weatherwell aluminum exterior shutters are available in a number of security options, including:

  • flush bolt
  • lockable handle
  • security bolts

Exterior window shutters offer dual protection – protection for the home and protection from the sun. The benefits are safety and the reduction in costs for running a home. Exterior window shutters provide shade, particularly on outdoor pergolas and living areas, which is crucial in creating outdoor living environments.

 “In a sun-drenched climate, shade is essential for reducing the effects of heat on the home. Incorporating shade is a simple and cost-effective way to help keep your house cool year round.” Planning Services Special Project Unit, City of Townsville

In addition, Exterior window shutters can be installed for different opening types providing wonderful flexibility with openings, doors and window structures, such as:

  • multifold
  • hinged
  • sliding
  • fixed

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