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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today there is an increasing desire to consider sustainability in both housing and home product choices. The Center for Sustainable Economy encourages us to: “choose sustainable building materials, furnishings, and cleaning products”. However, choosing such sustainable products can be difficult to navigate.

Timber shutters have long been admired as a desirable choice for interior and exterior window treatments. What may not be known, is that Highprofile Elite timber shutters are made from sustainably harvested hardwood. The timber is harvested on family-owned land, where landowners demand sustainable forestry and responsible conservation. 

This high quality hardwood used in Highprofile Elite timber shutters, comes from a responsible and sustainable approach to manufacturing.

There are several benefits from using sustainable products within home design and interior selections, including:

"Improved resource efficiency

Improved indoor air quality

Reduced life cycle impact", Aug 2012

Premium natural products, like hardwood timber shutters, also have lower maintenance costs.

“In our homes, hardwood products are some of the healthiest and cost-effective ones we could choose. They do not collect dust or allergens - which can be trapped in other materials - and environmentally friendly paints and stains can be used to complement any design scheme.” American Hardwood Information Center, 2013

In the construction of Highprofile Elite timber shutters, louver and rail tenons are formed from the profile itself. There are no plastic pieces incorporated into Highprofile Elite timber shutters, in line with the natural beauty of the product. This means less wear and tear or replacement costs from synthetic inclusions.

Highprofile hardwood timber shutters are premium timber shutters with style and durability for long-lasting impact.

“Hardwood products can be treasured for generations, much longer than synthetic counterparts. In fact, museum quality pieces of American Hardwood furniture have been around for centuries! 

And, the classic style of American Hardwoods lends distinction to homes large or small, adding value to the home when it comes time to resell.” AHIC, 2013

In conjunction with this emerging mindset of sustainable choices, is the increasing interest in connecting home interiors to the beauty of exterior environment. As lot sizes shrink and living space is compacted, the need to maximise green views through window sizes and balconies is on the rise.

Picture windows — large fixed windows typically without glazing bars — are a great way to bring in light and/or highlight a special view” 

Killy Scheer,

One of the advantages of Highprofile Elite timber shutters, is that they are engineered so you can go to extreme heights, because no mid rail is ever required. The largest single panel expanse is up to 134" tall, which gives great flexibility.

Consider the benefits of Highprofile hardwood timber shutters:

  • Timber harvested with sustainable forestry and responsible conservation
  • Largest single panel expanse, up to 134" tall with no mid rail required
  • Superior construction. Louver and rail tenons are formed from the profile itself. 
  • Unique double clear view tilt rod provides tight closure and light block.

Click here to download a brochure or for more information: Highprofile Elite

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