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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Plantation blinds, or plantation shutters, have a long history with origins considered to date back to ancient Greece. It is understood these first shutters were constructed from a natural stone like marble with fixed louvers.

“Technically a shutter is either a solid or slated window cover. It is believe that the first shutters originated from Greece and that they were originally designed for light control, ventilation and protection from the elements in a tropical environment.” Life of an Architect, Bob Borson

With the benefits of light and ventilation, the concept spread through the Mediterranean. However, wood replaced marble in construction and allowed for the flexibility of movement of the louver blades.

In time shutters were brought to the Americas by the Spanish, where in the South, they gained the name plantation shutters as they were used in many grand homes and mansions of the cotton plantations.

Plantation shutters have several key benefits:

  • Flexible louvers allowing airflow and ventilation
  • Easy operation to open up for light and shade
  • Quality timber construction

Yet one of the key benefits of plantation shutters, links back to their growth in America, which is the beauty and elegance of plantation shutters as they grace a grand home façade and frontage.

Shutters, like the Highprofile Elite shutters displayed here, are more like a piece of fine furniture, than a mere window covering. 

The function and benefits of shutters match their beauty:

“Shutters are the most versatile of window treatments and can be seen up and down residential streets as more and more people install them in their homes. Equally suited to both traditional and modern homes, they can be customized to blend in with the room decor or make a bold statement and stand out.

Shutters become a part of the window frame, and will therefore exclude more of the light than curtains or other types of blinds, as well as providing extra home security.”           Using Plantation Shutters in Your Home, Urban Social Design 

Plantation shutters continue to evolve. The unique mix of beauty and function ensures that product innovation continues. The elegant, streamlined appearance of shutters has now evolved into shutters made of metal construction.

“Yesterday I also prepared my next walking tour in the High Line/Chelsea area. I got my first glimpse of Shigeru Ban's Metal Shutter Houses with both the shutters and inside glass wall open. The scale is impressive next to the more traditional (in the modern sense) single-story floors.” A Daily Dose of Architecture, John Hill

Metal shutters are eye-catching and create aesthetic impact; just as the plantation shutters did in the mansions of the South. Weatherwell and Weatherwell Elite are high-quality Aluminum shutters, which heighten the security and durability of shutter inclusions in commercial, but also residential environments.

Plantation shutters will continue to be incorporated in architecture around the world. With a history of aesthetic impact, innovation in this category continues, particularly in the residential space where shapes, colors and blade sizes are adapted to create the elegant grandeur of the past and the wow factor of contemporary interiors.

Click here to download a brochure on plantation shutters: Highprofile and Weatherwell


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