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OUTDOOR PLANTATION SHUTTERS: An innovative way to improve your home.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is there a space in your outdoor area that isn’t living up to your expectations and maybe you’re struggling to find the right design inspiration? The solution - outdoor plantation shutters. They’re the perfect way to enhance the value and curb appeal of your home whilst giving you the functionality you need.

This beach front home was in a prime position with waves lapping at the front yard, however with absolute beach front we all know that in addition to a million dollar view you get on shore and off shore "breezes" which sometimes better described as "strong winds". The owners of the home wanted be able to use their covered patio at all times of the day, particularly in the afternoon when they returned home from work, which is when the winds are strongest. Multi-fold outdoor plantation shutters were a perfect solution. The home owners could fold back the panels to enjoy a complete view when the winds were down, or close them up and manoeuvre the louvers when the winds were present. They also wanted a product that would not only give them the functionality they required, but improve the look of their house. Outdoor planation shutters gave the home an instant facelift, and a pretty tropical look. 


As well as being able to withstand winds of any strength, (Weatherwell Elite passes the Miami-Dade extreme wind testing) the shutters are resistant to salt. The internal rotation mechanisms are never exposed to the salt air, and the high quality powder coat over aluminum means the shutters will last for years to come. In fact, they have a 10 year structural warranty.


Don't let bad weather mean that you can't enjoy the outdoors. When you have been busy at work all week, bad weather is the last thing you need to ruin the relaxing weekend you had planned in your backyard. Outdoor plantation shutters are an investment and a solution! By enclosing your pergola or gazebo with shutters you are creating an outdoor space that can be used no matter the weather. Another benefit of being able to close the panels and louvers entirely is the complete protection it give to your expensive outdoor furniture and appliances. Brown Jordan doesn't come cheap! 

Perhaps you need an outdoor retreat or a safe area for the kids to play. Kids can be messy and loud so why not create the perfect outdoor play area? While you entertain your guests inside, your kids can show their friends all their toys in their new outdoor playroom. Our aluminum shutters also lock for safety and security so your kids will be safe to play and enjoy themselves. 

In a myriad of examples, Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters have enabled home owners around the world to maximize their outdoor living spaces effortlessly uniting style and functionality. No wonder they are currently hot favourite of designers and architects.

Think of a time when you have driven past another house and have been struck by the design, the front garden, the color or something else about it. This is the "wow factor" our customers are getting from Weatherwell Elite. Outdoor plantation shutters are designed to be functional and versatile but also beautiful, with clean design lines and architectural prowess. It is only natural that people passing by will be envious of your new Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters.

What's more, Outdoor plantation shutters always add value you to your home. So you can be confident that you are not only maximizing your outdoor living spaces, and beautifying your home, but you are making an investment that directly increases your property's resale value.

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