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Saturday, December 08, 2012

When purchasing items in a store the look and feel of each store can be very different.  From bright lights and colors, to dim lighting with contrasting dark and light décor.  A recent trend has started to enter the retail world giving some stores amazing curb appeal whilst adding an instant solution for light control.

As an alternative to sterile glass windows, plantation shutters can offer you security, allow for ventilation through the store, give you a distinguishing feature from your competitors and add instant sophistication to your brand.

With The Window Outfitters Weatherwell Elite range you can have both security and durability with an aluminum shutter that allows you to lock the blades in to place, can endure the everyday traffic of customers and allows you to select a color to further compliment your stores décor.

Additionally, these plantation shutters can provide a unique way for displaying clothes or add character to the internal spaces in a store when they are mounted on the walls of a store.   

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