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Friday, October 11, 2013

The desire to personalize items to be ‘ours’ is inherently part of human nature. From simple ringtones through to home design, customization is sought after to reflect our personality, taste and interests. Custom-built and designed homes are highly coveted.

“Many people have very specific ideas about what their dream home should be”

Marcus Pickett, The Obstacles that Must be Overcome to Build a Home.

In undertaking a new custom home build: “it is not uncommon for homeowners to feel fearful, uncertain, and overwhelmed when they begin a homebuilding or remodeling project.” Susan Lang, Designing your dream home.

This is because there are many implications from each and every decision that is made and a flow-through from the initial selection to completion. A unique window shape or style requires different treatment and installation. That choice then requires custom window furnishings – whether by shape, size or colour.

Highprofile custom shutters give wonderful flexibility, because they can be infinitely customized to consumer requests:

Consider these extensive options for timber shutters.

Custom shutter options:

  • High-gloss
  • Color selections
  • Multi-colored panels
  • Super tall heights
  • Extra wide panels
  • Unique shapes
  • Leather wraps
  • Fabric covered

With so many options, one of the key elements to successful custom home building, and subsequent custom interior décor, is the use of planning and lists. 

“Using detailed and easy-to-use forms and checklists, you’ll inventory and analyze each room and area to be included in your new or remodeled home. These detailed forms will help you design the home that fits your family and your lifestyle… The more forethought and preparation you dedicate to this, the more satisfied you will be with the finished product. Ultimately, it is your level of satisfaction that determines whether you have the home of your dreams.” Susan Lang, Designing your dream home.

Here are some examples of unique design and décor features using custom shutters:

1. Custom colored shutters

Custom designed kitchen with neutral palette featuring green custom shutters

2. Custom shaped shutters

Child’s loft bedroom with diamond-shaped custom shutters

3. Custom-opening using shutters

Hinged custom shutters as feature wall. 

Custom homes stand out from the crowd. They are each one-of-a-kind and are typically upscale with luxury upgrades and unique architectural design. These homes can be more stylized than many production homes.

Home buyers choose their ideal location and environment, so custom homes often incorporate elements of the landscape into the design and can be built to fit each sites’ outstanding feature; whether that is a view of the ocean, a natural stream, or the distinct colors and plants of a desert landscape.”

National Association of Home Builders, Types of Home Construction: Custom Homes    

Custom design should also be extended into decor, to ensure the synergy between the exterior and interior. Color palettes, wallpapers, custom shutters and themes can transform a simple room into a unique, personalized space.

Remember, Highprofile shutters can be customized in colors, shapes, heights and widths to ensure you create the living environment you want.

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