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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Pick up any home magazine and you will find an article on the theme of colors; brightening your home with splashes of color, designer color palettes and color transformations. The reason? Colors are directly connected to our moods and the way we feel.

According to the EPA we spend about 70% of our time at home, so adding color to our living interiors is a perfect way to help us feel calm, happy or vibrant. Multi-colored options mean that wood shutters are a perfect way to transform a home interior and our mood. Wood shutters enliven living spaces and brighten kitchens and bathrooms. 

“Whether it's on a pair of pillows, the back of a bookshelf, the floor or the ceiling, a splash of unexpected color transforms any space from boring to breathtaking.”

Jen Derose, HouseBeautiful

The rich, classic appeal of wood shutters has long been recognised, yet they are a contemporary way to introduce color into a home palette. 

Flat, uninspired living areas are one of the greatest frustrations of homeowners. Long admired for their streamlined appearance and high-value appeal, wood shutters can be a design anchor to transform living spaces.  

“My Living room is screaming for a make over..even the fishes are dying of boredom. What should I do here?” 

post in Design Dilemma,

Wood shutters are a wonderful starting point. While made of premium grade lumber, Highprofile wood shutters are painted with a high build polyurethane paint – so there is no limit to the quality of the shutter or your imagination. What a great way to bring pizzazz into the living room or fun into a child’s bedroom. 

What mood can you achieve with wood shutters?

With color so closely tied with how we feel, color choices can help to create the synergy between a room’s function and décor. Wood shutters selected for a color theme can blend with neutral wall and floor palettes so color doesn’t overpower the space and help to create a unique ambience.

“Scientists and researchers have long known colors affect us mentally and physically…. blue rooms reduce blood pressure and enhance relaxation… even if a person tries to be angry or aggressive in the presence of pink, he can't… the heart muscles can't race fast enough. It's a tranquillising color.”

Olivia Richardson, body+soul Magazine 2013

Consider blue wood shutters for libraries, lounges and living.  Blues are wonderful for creating relaxed, calm environments. 

Think pink, for wood shutters in bedrooms and dressing rooms. 

Of course, white is still the most popular choice for wood shutters and there will always be a call for classic plantation shutters.

Highprofile shutters have a flawless finish and one of the most pristine coatings available on the market. You can mix and match with a combination of white and other colored wood shutters to create the living space – and the mood – for your home. From dramatic blacks through to vibrant yellows, living interiors can be transformed with wood shutters. 

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