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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When we call to mind the image of a window it is usually of a rectangular shape. Traditional windows and window frames, such as these featuring wooden shutters, are the most prevalent style in homes today.

“For the most part, windows and doors are rectangular openings, either inserted into walls by themselves or as part of a larger system (e.g. a curtain wall) that are also rectangular. This shape is rooted in traditional architecture and construction, but it is certainly not the only way to articulate openings.”

John Hill, Architect, NY

However there is a growing shift to unique shaped windows, which are being incorporated into new home designs. These shapes include circles, diamonds, L-shapes and elliptical frames, as well as floor-to-ceiling expanses in square formation. 

Unique shape windows are aesthetically eye-catching and often incorporated to:

  • Allow for more view to be taken in than a traditional window
  • Match ornate design features in roof lines and other structures
  •  Make use of limited space in dark areas
  • Add contemporary or modern style to house design
  • Become a highlight feature in a room or space

Yet unusual window shapes don’t have to inhibit the choice of window treatment. The Highprofile range of wooden shutters can be infinitely customized. Featured here in a diamond shape, wooden shutters make a striking impact and further dramatize the window's distinctive shape.

"Mimicking or echoing, yet distinctly differing from existing materials, colors, shapes and styles forms is also an elegant way to create a harmonious and elegant new style."

The Cool Hunter, Architecture 25 Aug 2013

Highprofile wooden shutters can be created for circular shapes, triangular windows and trapezoids – the options are endless. These irregular window shapes can be used to obtain a different and distinctive style.

Wooden shutters can also be used for a large expanse, which feature in homes to harness natural light and to maximize beautiful unobstructed views. Wooden shutters with louvers give the ultimate flexibility, so that views can be enjoyed to created that seamless blend of bringing the outside in.

There are several types of unique shaped window structures, including:

  1. Fixed shape – glass structure that cannot be opened
  2. Operable – glass structure that can be opened for airflow

Wooden shutters can be used effectively for both options. They do not detract or mask the impact of fixed-shape windows, rather they effectively highlight the window shape.

"A splash of color or dark tone for contrast can even further accentuate the room and blend with accessory design colors incorporated in the living space."

Wooden shutters are a timeless classic in traditional homes, but equally suit contemporary interiors and styles. Hinged options give wonderful flexibility for airflow and unobstructed views. The ability to easily custom order Highprofile wooden shutters further enables shutters to be used for unique window shapes and sizes. Wooden shutters streamline the home, complementing both traditional windows and contemporary decor and distinct shapes and sizes. 

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