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Pay Per Click is best illustrated through the world’s most popular PPC program, Google Adwords.  When you employ a PPC campaign, similar to SEO, your aim is to appear on Google when people search for you, and to get
them to click on your listing to your website. However, Pay Per Click has several main differences to SEO.

1. With PPC you can start getting traffic in 20 minutes as opposed 3-7 months it will take for SEO.

2. With PPC you pay for you listing. You tell Google the keywords you would like to be listed for and Google sell you that keyword at a pay per click rate. Google will charge you every time someone clicks on your listing and visits your site.  For example, if your keyword costs $1.00 it will cost you $1.00 every time someone clicks on you.  But you tell Google how much you would like to spend each day, and your listing will stop appearing once your set budget is exhausted for the day.  If you set a daily budget for $10.00 every time someo
ne clicks on listing, $1.00 will be tallied until you reach $10.00. At that point you will disappear until the next day. You control how much you spend.

3. With PPC you appear at the top of the page and on the side of the page.

4. Only 30% of the traffic will click on PPC listings as opposed to 70% that click on organic or natural listings, however the people that click on the PPC listings are regarded to be more motivated to buy.

The most important reason is that with a skilled PPC manager you will get a better return on your investment despite the inclusion of a management fee.  They are able to choose better keywords for you, weighing up price and competition for the keyword and the returns. Also they will buy the keywords at a cheaper bid price, stretching your budget further.  Google will sell the same keyword at a cheaper price to a site with a higher quality score.  (The score Google automatically gives you when you sign up for Adwords).  A good PPC Manager knows how to increase that quality score by tweaking your site and listing, so you get the cheapest price possible.

PPC Plus - You will get traffic and enquiries immediately and won’t have to wait 3-7 months before you start seeing the leads as you would with SEO.

PPC Negative - Often the return on investment is difficult to justify with low cost items like T-shirts for example. The cost of the lead will often be too expensive for small profit margin items. This is not a problem in the shutter and blind industry.

Warning - Although you can set up a Google Adwords campaign yourself, often a non-professional will choose poor keywords based on “intuition” rather than research, write poor ads, and buy keywords for inflated prices, which will quickly burn a hole in any pocket.

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