Incorporating Arch Styles

Throughout history and across design styles, arches have been incorporated into the architecture of many buildings and homes. With new builds or retrofitting/renovating a new home, you have a custom solution for adding shutters to your customers' beautiful arches. Not to mention, you have so many options.

We want to arm you with some of the more traditional options, but also remind you that this is a custom built product! With your vision and our expertise, we are sure to find an arched shutter solution that will suit your customers' needs.

The Arch: The most basic of arches and recognized as early as Roman times, with examples still standing in the Coliseum. Shutters with a full arch covering a single opening maintain a beautiful rounded aesthetic and allow for light wash from top to bottom of the space. These arches are often associated with Mediterranean, and Roman styles.

The Half Arch: A play on the basic arch, this option allows for two panels over a single arch, creating a different aesthetic that can be opened with smaller clearance on either side of the window space.

The Eyebrow: Arch with an angle, sometimes called a continuous louvered arch. This arch offers a more structural aesthetic. Also, available in half eyebrow for spaces that are frequently opened. You might find this arch in Colonial, Italianate or Transitional style spaces.

The Sunburst: Seen more as accents above doors or in tall spaces, this shape employs a different louver installation method creating a sunburst effect when light spills through. An interesting place to add this style might be in an Art Deco or Shabby Chic space.

The Sunburst Eyebrow: This unique shutter offers a sunburst effect with an angular aesthetic. This shape of shutters is also typically an accent piece which you might see above doors, windows and in lofted spaces in Eclectic or even a Traditional space based on the architectural design paired with the interior design.

Other specialty shapes available: Rake, French Door Round, French Door Square, Circle, Octagon, Oval, Triangle.

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