Employee Spotlight

Dena Fitzgerald, 42

Dena Fitzgerald

Where are you from?
I am from Australia. I was lucky enough to spend part of my childhood growing up on a ranch in western New South Wales, and part of it in a small beach town called Noosa Heads in Queensland. I have spent much or my adult years living in lots of different cities. 

What do you do at TWO?
I am the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and spend my time between the Australian and the US offices managing the marketing teams. I have been with TWO for nearly seven years, and am based in the Dallas office.

What do you enjoy most about your job:
I was a marketing consultant for many years, which means I could only advise. When you work in the company, you get to see your strategies come to fruition - and that is very satisfying. Of course, I love working with my colleagues! But I also really like our industry. I enjoy developing marketing strategies for tangible products, and particularly ones that are in line with my passion for interior design.

Tell us about an interesting project/installation that you recently work on:
I don’t get to see all of our Dealers' jobs, however, TWO Commercial installed all the shutters for the Pod Hotels in Brooklyn and Times Square, which were very interesting from a design perspective. They are a “tiny room" hotel concept which means the design is very considered and clever to ensure efficient use of space. Also, Pod Brooklyn is modular, meaning the building’s individual units were pre-fabricated off-site and then shipped to Brooklyn to be fitted together like lego.

Tell us something interesting about yourself:
I am a pretty typical human being, but if I had to pick out some things that my colleagues  probably don’t know about me - I used to be fluent in Japanese and was a decent piano player, both of which I am now very rusty. I can ride a horse and secretly want to play polo. I have a terrible singing voice. I was on lots of TV commercials when I was in college. And my husband would say I am addicted to buying throw pillows! I have cupboards full.

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