7 Rules to Live By as the Weather Heats Up

The weather is finally warming, Spring is here, and we have more orders for Shadesol Alfresco outdoor roller screens than ever before. All this outdoor action has got us thinking about lazy days on the patio and warm weather entertaining.

To make the most of the season, adopt these rules or add these tasks to your to-do list for the win! You could even share a mantra or two with your customers, and inspire them to spend more time outdoors as well.

    1. Consider an afternoon with a good book in the back yard time well spent. 

    We are often trapped into thinking that if we are not doing something that produces a tangible result, like cleaning up the garden or washing the windows, it is not time well spent. Spend a little time recharging with a good book and some iced tea and look at what it does to your productivity and soul.

    2. Take more outdoor showers. 

    Although not for everyone, an outdoor shower does wonders for your inner vitality (swimsuit optional!) Find a private space for your new outdoor bathing area, and wash away your woes with cool water in the warm sun. P.S. Outdoor showers require little to no cleaning! Find this easy to install shower at thediyoutlet.com.

    3. Put up hooks on your outdoor walls for hanging towels. 

    If you have a pool, outdoor wall hooks are a convenient way to dry your towels. Even the laziest swimmer, who is tempted to leave their towel in a pile on the carpet inside, is likely to use the hook instead. Sneakily coordinate with your outdoor decor, so the drying towels add a design element. Get the look below at frontgate.com.

    4. Spend more time looking at your garden than staring at your phone. 

    Staring at screens all day tires the eyes, and cause us to miss the world going by. Now that it is nice to sit outside, intentionally put down that screen, and stare out to your garden or nature and reap the rewards. It quiets the mind and helps us live in the moment.

    5. Make yourself fancy looking drinks. 

    They don’t really need to be fancy, or alcoholic for that matter, but by giving your drinks a little something extra it is like a gift to oneself. Go the extra step to use freshly squeezed juice, and top it off with a colorful straw, a spear of fresh fruit, and an umbrella. It’s like a little vacation in a glass.

    6. Grill all things. 

    For many of us, the advent of warmer weather means dinner on the grill. But remember grilling is not just for meat. Experiment with different vegetables and fruit. Grilled watermelon and pineapple are ever so sweet. And don’t forget to eat it outside. Alfresco dining, is part of the experience. We love this grilled pineapple recipe.

    7. Say yes to more s’mores. 

    If you have a fire pit, then make this a season for deliciousness. Say yes to more gooey goodness of marshmallows and chocolate and recall fond memories of summers gone by. If you don’t have a fire pit, maybe consider buying a fire bowl. This ritual is too good to miss out on.

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