4 Ways to Keep Pricing Simple

By Gary Hudson, General Manager USA

At TWO, we are dedicated to helping you achieve business success, and have every advantage to win more sales over your competitors. From superior products and installation services to simple pricing for quick and accurate quoting, we strive to offer industry-leading solutions.

I have never been a fan of a “lower than market value base price” that just looks good on paper… but is actually riddled with unnecessary surcharges and hidden costs. When price structures are complex it takes time to calculate, leaves room for error, and often eats into your profits.

We have created a simple pricing structure, based on a standard cost per square foot, that will give you peace of mind, and save time!

  1. No tilt rod fees- from hidden, to clearview to traditional, all tilt rod types are included in the base price. And why not? The tilt function is a mandatory function in every shutter!

  2. No Z Frame or additional square footage fees- We consider Z Frames an inside mounted installation, because that is what it is. Our Z Frame pricing is based strictly on the window opening size and does not require the addition of varying width and height dimensions to the window size.

  3. No double hung fees- it doesn’t cost the factory any more money to fabricate a double hung shutter, so we don’t charge you or your customer a fee either.

  4. No build-out or extension fees- These are never necessary. Our L Frames are pre-milled to the appropriate depth to allow clearance for all louver sizes and to avoid ugly seams.

We know that your success is our success and we are here to help YOU WIN! Want to learn more about TWO’s simple shutter pricing? Contact your local sales representative today. Or request a call  here.

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