Arches (with Shutters) in History

By Robb Edwards, Sales Manager

From personal homes to historic buildings, TWO Highprofile wood shutters can be custom crafted to fit any space. We’d like to share a job designed and sold by Cliff’s Flooring and installed by TWO’s Made 2 Fit installation team: The Old Washington Courthouse in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

The town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma was established in 1897 and named for Jacob Bartles who built a trading post on the site. A point of pride for the city, and historic attraction is the Old Washington Courthouse originally built in 1913. The courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

Of particular interest, the massive arch over the entryway of the building, and the subject of this installation. These shutters were custom built with 3.5” elliptical louvers with traditional center tilt bars and a tier-on-tier installation with a horizontal T-Post and Trim Z frame in order to mimic the architectural window frames.

This building’s integrity has been maintained over the years, which includes the narrow staircases used to reach the top floor where the shutters were installed. To enable installation, the shutters were built as individual sections small enough to be carried up the narrow staircases and then installed over the beautiful 10’ wide by 9’ tall window opening; providing light control, insulation and sun protection for the diligent county workers. With the new ability to regulate sunlight pouring into the space, the county courthouse team is ready for the next chapter of this great historic town.

Photo Credits: Robb Edwards
Historic Sources:

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