Arches (with Shutters) in History

From personal homes to historic buildings, TWO Highprofile wood shutters can be custom crafted to fit any space. We’d like to share a job designed and sold by Cliff’s Flooring and installed by TWO’s Made 2 Fit installation team: The Old Washington Courthouse in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

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Employee Spotlight

Name: Brandon Pittman, 35, born in Oklahoma City raised in Dallas
Title: Head of Installations, Made 2 Fit USA
What do you do at TWO?

I was recently promoted to head of installation...

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4 Ways to Keep Pricing Simple

Don’t let the deception of low base prices coupled with hidden costs eat into your profit margins! From time spend calculating surcharges to confusion on componentry upcharges; it can be complicated to generate a true quote for your customer.

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Two Pack Poly Paint

Not all paint finishes are created equal. Many may look good, but start to break down in high heat or high moisture areas. Some discolor even under normal conditions. 2 Pack Polyurethane is a highly durable choice for painting shutters.

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Facebook Marketing Tips: Optimizing to Meet Your Objectives

Facebook Advertising will continue to offer optimization opportunities with your ad units as a way to meet your personal objects. But do you have objectives set? We’ll review a few top objectives, how they will help your business and when to implement each to reach your goals.

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