Facebook Marketing Tips: Optimizing to Meet Your Objectives

By Mindy Lamb, Marketing Manager USA

When you set up Facebook advertising, one of things it asks for is your Objective I.e. What you want people to do when they see your ad.

Facebook offers you a list of objectives to choose from which it conveniently organizes under 3 categories: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion, which are the 3 stages in a buying cycle.

The shutter buying cycle goes something like this: First they need to discover your brand or the product (Awareness), then they want to understand the features and difference between products and brands and will do research (Consideration), and finally they will move to the purchase phase and request a quote (Conversion). Every small business has different goals, and we recommend you choose an objective in line with your goals.

Here are two common small business goals and corresponding objectives and the ad types we recommend.

For the business that wants brand awareness

Choose REACH objective and use a Video or Carousel ad type

REACH is the in the Awareness category. It is designed to show your ads to the maximum number of people in your audience whilst also controlling how regularly they see your ad.

The goal is to entice customers to pay attention to your product while also creating brand recall. We recommend vanity shots and prominent branding which is easily achieved with video ads or ads with multiple images.

For the business that wants to drive leads

Choose CONVERSIONS objective and use a Video or Carousel ad type

CONVERSIONS are in the Conversion category and is designed to drive people from Facebook to your website and promotes request for quotes.

Conversion ads often have a strong call to action button or provide an “offer” to the customer to push them over the edge and trigger their taking action to get a quote. Choose the Learn More button and use a call to action message “Get a Free Quote Today” in the ad copy, or as the final screen on a video, or as the last image in a carousel.

Reminder: It is important to note that digital marketing and Facebook advertising is constantly changing. How and when businesses optimize their advertising to reach their customers will constantly change. The above objectives are only a high-level overview; additional options and changes in the Facebook platform will continue to come and go. Be sure you are testing, learning and optimizing to effectively reach your customer.

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