Partner Spotlight: 3 Stories and Counting

We want to share a job sold by Linda Banks from OK Drapery and installed by Made 2 Fit. The lesson, three-stories are no match for Linda or Colourvue Control! This fantastic home overlooks a beautiful lake in Denison, TX. Not wanting to lose their view, but still wanting sun protection, the customer chose Colourvue Control motorized roller shades to tackle the job.

Product: Colourvue Control


  • Cassette Elite anodized fabric wrapped decorative cover and concealed hem bar
  • Fabric: Monaco, Dark Beige
  • Mount: Inside
  • Motor: Rechargeable
  • Accessories: Solar Panel Chargers, Wall Charger, 15 Channel Remote

Location: Grand Room, Denison, TX

This three-story installation required the use of scaffolding to install shades from top to bottom. Special shape fixed screens were created for the two trapezoid windows at the top. The top two levels were installed with solar panel rechargeable motors, and the bottom two levels were equipped with a standard AC rechargeable motor. The shades were all programmed to a single 15 channel wall remote for ease of operation based on desired sunlight.

Do you have a customer with a tricky or unique space? Your local sales rep and our Made 2 Fit team have the expertise to guide you. Made 2 Fit provides full consultation and installation services, give us a call today!

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