5 of the most viewed Ted Talks for small business owners

Inside or outside the window furnishing industry, every small business owner has the same question, how will I succeed? It’s a well-known fact that succeeding in business is about hard work and dedication… and staying up to date with the latest savvy business practices. We’ve pulled five of our favorite TED Talks for small business to motivate, inspire and help you continue to grow your business.

  1. How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed, by Daniel Levitin
    Stress is an inevitable part of a growing business, having tools to deal with stress will help keep you on track and further your business growth. Keep your thoughts positive and mind clear as a way to avoid mistakes and improve your decision-making!

  2. How to manage for collective creativity, by Linda Hill.
    Staying innovative is the key to success for small businesses and teams. Take advantage of every asset you have, this means no one person or department is responsible for innovation and creativity- everyone needs to be participating.

  3. Creative problem-solving in the face of extreme limits, by Navi Radjou
    Employ a new mindset to work through solutions no matter the problems that are thrown your way. Navi Radjou shares his wisdom from years for studying “jugaad” or frugal innovation and shares principles regarding accomplishing more with less.

  4. The single biggest reason why startups succeed, by Bill Gross
    In this short 6 minute talk, learn about timing and its indicators of success. Take a look at a range of small businesses and their startup process as Bill Gross ranks 5 key indicators to success.

  5. What consumers want, by Joseph Pine
    It’s been proven, consumers want an authentic experience. Joseph Pine defines how to balance authenticity and harness mass communication resulting in successful business practices.

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