Stay Ahead of the Trends

Is it too soon to think about spring and summer trends for 2019? Of course not! Get ahead of the game and be ready to provide ideas for spring home updates.

2018 was about metallic and gold accents, statement upholstery and eclectic knick-knacks. 2019 on the other hand, is moving towards sustainability, natural materials, and richer color palettes.

Sustainability, as in less is more, and pieces that will not be discarded by next season. This is all about choosing accent pieces that will be timeless, and retain meaning to the owner. These simple statement pieces might be handcrafted using sustainable materials or offer a personal connection to a particular experience or memory.

We will see choices for natural materials instead of synthetic materials such as wood shutters instead of poly shutters or wood and stone instead of laminate floors or countertops. The incorporation of these natural material helps to combat the technology-heavy society we live in and reconnect us to the organic world and the soothing effects of nature.

Richer color pallets can be interpreted in many ways. From bold color accents in white rooms to furniture in deep colors or warmer dark kitchen countertops to replace the standard white that has become so popular. With the direction to richer rooms, the need for optimal light will be paramount. Choosing the right shutter or shade to compliment the room aesthetic will be an essential step in this year’s interior design trends.

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