Choosing the Perfect Louver Size

When designing custom shutters for a home, there are many specifications to consider: frame type and size, color vs. stained, installation method, and of course the louver size. While the most common size seen ordered is the 3.5”, it’s important to know about all options and the benefits of each.

Blade: 2.5”
View: 1.62”
Benefits: Small louvers are most often chosen to fit in small spaces or to keep a room darker. Openings that have narrow depth may not be able to accommodate the clearance needed for larger louvers to operate. They also let in less light, making them an excellent solution for bedrooms or TV rooms. Finally, a smaller louver is the best choice when the homeowner wants to achieve a more traditional feel.

Blade: 3.5”
View: 2.56”
Benefits: Medium louvers are the most common in homes today. They provide equal benefits of viewing the outdoors and letting in plenty of light while also providing a darker room or privacy when needed.

Blade: 4.5”
View: 3.56”
Benefits: Large louvers are typical for a room in which you want to maximize the natural light. They offer more space between each louver allowing for more light and an unobstructed view. They also give a definitively more modern aesthetic.

Blade: 5.25”
View: 4.46”
Benefits: Extra large louvers are not as common, but can be used in rooms with oversized windows and impressive views. They have the biggest space between louvers allowing an unobstructed view and let in maximum light. They also create an interesting look when closed. Ample clearance is required for these louvers to operate.
Note: Exclusive to Highprofile Elite Range

Weighing light, shutter clearance, aesthetics, and desired views are the key to selecting the perfect louver size. Your customer will appreciate these insights and will be able to make a more educated decision. If you have any questions regarding louver sizes or clearances, please contact your local sales rep today!

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