Bringing the Outside In

By Kristina Hernandez, Creative Design Manager

The Trend: Foliage and more foliage. Houseplants are quickly becoming a standard in our homes when outdoor living is a challenging option. From hanging plants, to bookshelf compliments and fillers for bare corners you can create a warm welcoming environment in an instant. Create an indoor/outdoor environment whether your windows are open or closed.

The Benefits: In addition to creating an inviting space, plants in the home have been known to offer benefits such as:

Air Quality: Plants purify the air by reducing levels of nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and airborne dust levels.

Energy Usage: Plants are effective at keeping air temperatures down, and increasing humidity. When plants release moisture, it can cool a room by up to 10 degrees!

Stress, Well-Being and Concentration: Studies show being around plants improves concentration, memory, productivity, and creativity. There are even studies that show increased rates of recovery in hospital patients with plants in their rooms.

A Few Tips: Low light, low maintenance plants are great for starting out, and for completing your space. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Aloe Plant for temperature reduction and air purification
  • Areca Palm Tree (or the Palm of your choice) as a natural humidifier
  • Spider Plant, practically indestructible while increasing oxygen levels
  • Lavender/Jasmine to promote stress reduction and sleep
  • Croton to add color and encourage creativity

Now that you are armed with an ever-growing indoor trend, help your customers design the perfect living space. With custom window coverings to promote the environment they are looking for, and your knowledge of plant additions to create the mood, you’re ready to seal the deal.

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