Shutters and Curtains: Together at Last

Shutters or curtains? It’s an age-old question. What is the best window furnishing solution for your space? Our answer: BOTH! Shutters offer an elegant finished aesthetic that can range from traditional to modern. Choose a smaller louver size for a more traditional look, and a larger louver size for a more modern look, then select a frame type that matches the decor. Finally, layer on lush curtains to make your room pop. Bonus! When you decided to update your aesthetic it's easy to swap out your curtains with an updated color or texture, while keeping your beautiful 100% all wood custom shutters as a focal point in the room.

This customer chose a more modern clean white shutter and layered with beautiful coral curtains that bring out the color in their new rug. The bronze curtain rod pairs well with the wood tones of the table and chairs. The look is completed with a mid-century modern light, creating an inviting gathering place for family and friends.

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