By Kristina Hernandez, Creative Design Manager USA

Geometric shapes continue to show up in 2018 trends, however they are evolving from the 2017 accent pieces to statement pieces and beyond. Adding or mixing and matching geometric trends can breathe a breath of fresh air, and create a new atmosphere.

Windows and Shutters
Starting a space from scratch? Adding a custom shaped window creates a vibrant and contemporary feeling, while also enabling design functionality as shown in this custom shutter covered window.

Your furniture defines the flow and mood of the room. These modern side tables use natural colors to evoke energy with triangle accents and bases for stability, inviting an abundance of conversation.

Looking for an easy way to add balance to your home? Try textiles with hexagon shapes like these throw pillows. Curtains, area rugs, accent pillows and throw blankets add simple comfort and color to your space.

Round or circle decor may at first seem ill-fitting in our traditionally square spaces, but adding these contrary shapes can create a sense of protection and infinity, opening up a room and inviting in friends and family.

Ready to be bold, but retain a traditional feel in your  home? A daring wallpaper with rectangular undertones creates a unique feature wall. Paring large solid accents creates a sense of balance while giving you the opportunity to bring in color and movement to your favorite space.

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