FACEBOOK MARKETING TIPS: Facebook Ad Types and Their Purpose

By Mindy Lamb, Marketing Manager USA

In today’s digital world, optimizing marketing strategies and tactics will continue to be a constant necessity to reach your customer. With this in mind, we wanted to share a few Facebook Ad insights that we have gained, relative to our industry. This month we begin a 3 part series looking at various facets of Facebook advertising.

  • Part 1) Ad Types
  • Part 2) Targeting
  • Part 3) Optimization to meet Objectives


Part 1) Ad Types
There are multiple ad type variations available in Facebook, and multiple ways to implement these various ad types. Here are our top 3 favorite ad types (for June of 2018) for the window furnishing industry.

Ad Type: Video
Specs: Minimum length, 1 second, maximum length 240 minutes; sound optional
Pros: Showcases product movement
Cons: Sound is automatically muted, average user attention span is less than 3 second to attract and gain traction to watch the video
Use Case: Enables product demonstration when showcasing design, functionality or introduction to the market

Ad Type: Carousel
Specs: Minimum 2 card images, maximum 10 card images, allows for video
Pros: Ability to highlight multiple product, features etc.
Cons: Requires user engagement to see multiple cards and receive entire message; sound automatically muted
Use Case: Enables product discovery with different features, designs etc.

Ad Type: Collection
Specs: Cover image or video with several product shots below; sound optional
Pros: Interactive ad unit creating a “fullscreen experience”
Cons: Available on mobile devices only; sound automatically muted
Use Case: Enable interactive product discovery with additional product details located in full screen experience

Closing: We have found that the Carousel Ad has had the highest conversion rate for various dealers in recent months. But this can always change at the drop of a hat. Not long ago, the answer was the video ad, as videos were all the rage! What will the ad of the future look like? We shall see!!

Reminder: It is important to note that digital marketing and Facebook advertising is constantly changing. Alway remember to continue testing, learning and optimizing how you can most effectively communicate with your customers. What works for one brand- may not work for another.

Would you like help creating a Facebook campaign? We’d be delighted to share some of our expertise based on other dealer success statistics. Please email us at marketing@two-usa.com and we’ll be happy to help. You can also find assets and examples in the the Marketing and Sales Center within the TWO Dealer Center.

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