So what is the Tv in shade fabrics?

There are many facets to selecting a roller shade which perfectly compliments a space. Perhaps the most visible decision is the fabric. Color and texture can make or break a room- but then again, so can fabric openness.

Fabric openness is a verifiable, measurable, technical description of the fabric. Openness is the percentage of holes in the fabric. 5% openness is best translated to 95% fabric and 5% holes in the fabric.

While fabric changes slightly from run to run, the openness is an average and is always within a reasonable variation. If you hold two 1% openness fabrics, in the same color and with a similar weave, up next to each other, what you see through will be very similar. This said; different types of fabric and different colors of fabric will appear to have different openness variations, so it is imperative to check with the supplier of each fabric, and if possible get a swatch of the fabric to see for yourself.

You can find the fabric openness details on the back of each TWO fabric under the color name.

Today we will dive into Tv: Visible Light Transmission

When looking at the energy and light properties of a shade fabric, Tv is the one that’s going to affect the consumer most directly and also show the customer that you know your stuff. When light hits the shade fabric, some percentage transmits through the fabric (both the holes in the fabric and the yarn itself). Light colored yarns are more translucent and let more light come through the yarn. Dark colored yarns absorb that light and not much comes through.

  • Capri 5% White/White allows 12% of light through
  • Capri 5% Charcoal/Charcoal allows 6% of light through.

The Result is that a room with the white shade will be much brighter. The downside is that the white shade physically illuminates and white shades will create glare and distract the eye. We recommend Capri fabrics for kitchens and bathrooms, where bright natural light is desired. Capri has high Tv numbers and, long story short - low Tv numbers are better for a TV room, while high Tv numbers are bad for television viewing.

We have a favorite television room solution: Monaco!

The Monaco range of fabrics provides the best of light-colored screens (high reflection for energy) and the best dark-colored screens (low Tv for reduced glare and better view through) in 1 shade.

The numbers prove it but it can be hard to really sell in. The biggest challenge is showcasing this 2-in-1 benefit with a small swatch of fabric. Without covering all windows in the room, it is hard to effectively show the customer the difference of heat entering the room, while also showcasing how well you can see through the 4% fabric to their outdoor space. Not to worry! You can custom order a Colouruve Contol hand sample to take to the home (remember, the larger the “swatch” of fabric the better the illustration, or you can custom order a shade for your showroom! Contact your local sales rep today with inquiries for showroom pieces. And remember, next time you’re dealing with a west facing room with a TV, sell Monaco. You won’t regret it.

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