What color palette matches your personality type?

Do you know someone struggling with selecting colors for their home? From white undertones to bold accent colors, what is the right direction for their space?

Color selection can be daunting, and remember white is not always white. Not to mention, the undertone selected in a white needs to match the color pallet of the rest of the home. Sherwin Williams is here to help! They have created a Color ID quiz that will help identify a color pallet based on their personality that is as unique as their home.

Once your customer has defined their personal color pallet, TWO is here to help. We have 13 different shades of white and can custom color match any color in the Sherwin Williams deck.

Does the quiz work? The TWO marketing department took the Sherwin Williams color id quiz! Here are our results and the corresponding TWO Highprofile painted standard whites for our Highprofile shutters that would best compliment each unique color pallet. Tell us about your color ID and take the quiz here.

Our US Marketing Manager is a Dreamer. With cool blues and neutral greys, the TWO white that best matches her color pallet is Grey P109.

Our Creative Design Manager is a Nurturer. With earthy reds and greens and comforting greys, we recommend Dove P108 as her TWO standard white.

Our Australian Marketing Manager is a Naturalists. The colors palette is soft like the outdoors and has green and yellow undertones. Antique White P112 will compliment and create the calm they are looking for.

Our Global CMO is a Minimalist. The minimalists will choose soft colors in the cool family to create a calm place in which to relax. Silk White P105, will easily flow in this environment.

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