The view past your tilt rod

Selecting window shutters is an integral part of the home decoration process. With multiple installation options, colors and views, every element comes together to create an aesthetic and function specific to each homeowner. One feature that has a big impact on the look of the shutter is the tilt rod. The tilt rod is actually a functional requirement and ensures that all the louvers will move in unison, but is also an important design choice.

TWO offers five tilt rod options within their Highprofile Classic wood shutters. Each tilt rod provides different benefits and visual appeal. The three main tilt rods are the Center, Offset 40 and Clearview; with the Center and Offset 40 available in a Euro 180 option as well.

Traditional Center tilt rods are positioned on the front center of each shutter panel. They are the “traditional” look customers envision when discussing plantation shutters.

Offset 40 tilt rods are positioned on the front of the shutter, but off to the hinged side of the panel. They offer a minimally interrupted view while maintaining the traditional look of plantation shutters.

Euro 180 tilt rods can be positioned as Center or Offset 40 tilt rods. The difference with Euro 180 is the tilt rod can sit fully closed in either the up or down position. Traditional tilt rods only close in the “up position.” The Euro 180 tilt rod offers a bit more flexibility and ability to better block sunlight during certain times of the day.

Clearview tilt rods are positioned on the rear of the panel on the hinged side. These tilt rods offer the most uninterrupted view of all shutters on the market and provide a sleeker more modern aesthetic.

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