Shade Limits Shortcuts

We've all been there, completing an installation for a customer, and then technology turns on us, and the shade limits are off! Or worse, we are troubleshooting with a customer who's 5 yr. old grandson decided to use their roller shades as a swing set, and a reboot to the motor is the best option. In any scenario, it's essential to know how to quickly troubleshoot the technology we so deeply rely upon. Our sales reps have shared their best quick fixes for motor settings on Colourvue Control and Shadesol Alfresco motorized roller shades- and a couple of videos from our motorization partner Rollease Acmeda!

When receiving motorized shade from the factory: Note, TWO will preset the top limit and preset a temporary bottom limit 6” below the top limit. This means that the bottom limit will need to be set upon install.

  1. Select shade one and channel one on the remote (Next shade will be shade 2/channel 2 and so on).
  2. Place a paper clip in P1 (hole in the headrail) and shade will jog.
  3. Hold the stop button on the remote until the shade jogs and beeps.
  4. Ensure the shade moves in the correct direction (down button, the shade goes down, etc.).
  5. If the shade needs direction change, hold the top and bottom button at the same time.

Setting top and bottom limits:

  1. Press down button (hold down the button, the shade moves quick, press stop before it hits the window sill) you can tap the down button until the required place.
  2. Hold the stop button and down button on the remote together; the shade will jog and beep.
  3. Press and hold up button, stop the shade and tap the up button to the desired height
  4. Press stop and up button on remote together, the shade will jog and beep.

Full Shade Reset:

  1. Take paper clip to P1 on the shade and press button in until the shade jogs and beeps 4 times (this could take 20 seconds).
  2. Next press the P1 button on the shade, so it jogs and beeps once.
  3. Pair remote to shade by pressing the stop button until the shade jogs and beeps once.

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