The Hudson House is seeing Blue!

Weatherwell Elite isn’t just for the home, it’s for commercial projects too. And what a great opportunity to show off our product than to complete an install just down the road from the Dallas factory!

The Hudson House is an East Coast inspired neighborhood restaurant American Style food with a New York flair and is known for its brunch, great atmosphere, and (of course) is a favorite happy hour location. They’ve chosen to enclose their outdoor patio area with custom color blue sliding bi-fold panels. This custom build-out, completed by the Dallas Made 2 Fit team, will extend the use of their patio with heaters to insulate the area during the (Texas) winter months; and fans during summer to keep customers cool when the panels are open.

Stay tuned for more exciting pictures! If you have a custom or commercial project that needs additional attention, please reach out to your local sales rep, we are happy to help!

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