Perfectly Square, Brought to you by Master Frame

By Jason Erickson, Operations Manager

A shutter installers’ dream: a perfectly square opening
A shutter installers’ reality: never a perfectly square opening

Creating a better experience for the customer starts with better process, product and equipment from the manufacturer and installer. With this in mind, TWO set out to solve the never quite square opening that is often a challenge with shutter installation. Wood shutter frames can easily be designed to cover for slight discrepancies- however aluminum shutters frames have less flexibility.

Enter the Master Frame, developed by TWO. Master Frame was designed exclusively for Weatherwell Elite aluminium shutters, offering a clever solution to the out-of-square opening.

How does this work?

The master frame is made up of two pieces, the inner frame and the outer frame. The inner frame is attached directly to the currently standing opening. The outer frame is then slid over the inner frame, and installed plumb (or vertical) to the ground or level at the top of the opening. With the two frames working together, they create a telescoping ability inside the frame to allow for square movement inside a non-square frame.

What are the benefits?

A Square frame! Well not exactly, but a solution that creates a square frame without the need for a full-on construction project.

Sounds easy right? Exactly! Get out there and upsell your customers, help them update not only their interior space, but their exterior spaces as well. To learn more about Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters, check out our Weatherwell Elite page, or contact your local rep.

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