Don’t let your customers turn into memes! Help them select the perfect cordless window solution.

Why are cordless and motorized roller shades so popular these days? Aside from avoiding those terrible memes where your cat is stuck in the blinds, they offer a safety feature as well.

Motorized and Cordless roller shades offer proven safety measures when installed in the home. The lack of dangling cords is one less choking or strangulation hazard for children and pets. Also, of note, Colourvue Control rechargeable motorized roller shades hold their charge for up to 700 rotations. Meaning there is no need for a charging cord to be continuously lying around. An upgrade to your customer’s space is simple as can be.

Roller shades provide optimal privacy and light control, ensuring homeowners are safe from prying eyes while still allowing light to wash over a room. Help your customers select from light filtering to blackout fabrics to create the lighting solution that is best for them.

Learn more about the Colourvue Control 100% motorized roller shade program today from your local sales rep.

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