Partner Spotlight: Sun Protected Outdoor Kitchen

Ever wonder what a shade install really looks like? Wonder no longer! Thanks to <name> for sending in this amazing time-lapse of a Shadesol Alfresco Cable Guide install.

This customer has a beautiful home in the hill country in San Antonio with an outdoor kitchen made for entertaining. The only problem, that harsh sun shining over the grill. How can one make the perfect stake with the sun in their eyes? The solution? Installing a motorized Shadesol Alfresco roller shade. The durable fabric blocks the sun’s glare without impeding the kitchen’s panoramic views. Bonus? By blocking the sun’s harsh rays, the kitchen space stays cooler, keeping the chef happy and the guests full.

Sold by: Josh Lopez, San Antonio Shades & Shutters
Installed By: Made 2 Fit
Product: Shadesol Alfresco

  • Cable Guide, 128.5" x 90"
  • Rechargeable Motorized installation
  • Face mount from outside
  • Extrusion/Fabric: Black, Stockholm Black 8%
  • Location: Outdoor Kitchen, Personal Residence, San Antonio, TX

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