Evaluating home improvement and renovation tradeoffs: A Houzz Guide

This Houzz Guide takes an in-depth look at home renovations and the “trade-offs that homeowners inevitably have to access to complete their project.

Installing custom high-quality shades or shutters may or may not be considered a full home renovation project, but the sentiment is there. We thought there were some great points in this guide that offer insight into the psyche of a homeowner looking to make an investment and improvement to their space. Whether you are helping them with the full home renovation, or just supplying one portion of the project (the most important, the window furnishings), we encourage you to take some time to run through this guide and look for opportunities and ways to prioritize the purchase and installation of high-quality shades and shutter.

Conversation Starters:

Here are some questions that you should ask a homeowner when they are evaluating “trade-offs.” (Page 7)

  • Will the investment improve your everyday life?
  • Will the product solve a pet peeve?
  • Will the addition of this element make your house feel like a home?
  • Will the purchase increase the value of your home?

Each of these questions can be applied to projects as big as completely renovating a kitchen, to projects as simple as replacing window treatments in the home. The lesson, no matter the size of the project, customer trade-offs are inevitable. Just make sure you are armed with the support needed to help your customer chose the perfect solution and close the deal.

Download the full Houzz Guide Here

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