When to use Build-out on your customers Highprofile shutters

Your customer has decided to move forward with Highprofile shutters! They’ve chosen the perfect white paint to complement their space as well as a frame that extends the finish out of their home. Now it’s time to measure and ensure that the shutters will operate properly with the frame they have chosen.

Extended frame is only offered with L-shape frames, whereas build-out is available to all frame types.

Extended frames are connected to the L-Frame, essentially popping out the end of the frame and the location in which the louver connects to allow more clearance space. You’ll often see this specification used when a window jamb has a smaller than standard clearance. There are three standard extended frame sizes. 1 78” 2 58” and 2 1516”. Frame extension is selected during frame type selection.

Build-out is a separate piece of wood that is painted or stained to match the frame order. This piece of wood is ordered by depth, width, and height and is attached to the surface around the window to create a square opening or solid surface with which to attach the frame. The most common use cases are on doors, where the louvers need additional clearance and in areas (like a kitchen) where there is tile around the window opening and a solid surface is required. Build-out is available in 5 sizes: 1 X 1 516”, 1 X 1 916”, 1 X 2 916”, 34” X 34” and custom(the most common) and up to 2’ X 10’ with a max length of 118”. Build-out is selected under the Extras drop down on the ordering page. Build-out requires minimal carpentry but still offers your customers the truly custom product they need to complete their homes.

Do you have more questions about extended frame or build-out? Call your local sales rep today for more information.

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